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Haroon company can provide scalable, high-quality, patented, mechanical Master Key system with cylinders conforming to BS EN 1303 which is particularly suited to commercial & industrial applications requiring the highest of security locking systems such as institutions, mixed use, universities, hotels, hospitals, and schools.

Apart from the standard cylinders for complex master key structures we also offer corrosion resistant & burglar resistant cylinders for maximum security from EVVA -Austria which also 90 minutes fire tested as per EN 1634 standards and can offer unlimited lock combination openings and are undoubtedly one of the most secure master key systems which are available today in the market.

Additionally, mechanical master key systems are often used in combination with electronic access controls for both cost-related and security reasons. This enables, for example, the property entrance to be kept under electronic surveillance whilst the doors in the inner area are organized and secured with a mechanical master key system.

Standard profile cylinder from DEVON

EPS-System from EVVA

ICS -system from EVVA

MCS-System from EVVA

Combi keys


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