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Haroon Company offers a comprehensive range of accessible sanitary hardware, allowing it to cater to all needs: people with reduced mobility, the elderly or those who just want greater comfort. The product portfolio is inclusive of the comfort solutions which are ideal for the personal uses or hospitality projects that requires more functional fitting options addressing the needs of important sectors such as institutions, healthcare, private or public buildings.

Haroon Company is able to supply a new system of accessible hardware that consists of removable / inter-changeable accessories which can be fitted on the accessories of a standard bathroom. This design offers the flexibility of converting a standard bathroom into one catering to the requirements of persons with special needs ensuring comfort, safety and economy. This possibility allows an easy and economical transformation of bathroom or toilets from standard to an accessible one without additional work . With clever planning of fixtures and fittings, it is possible to create an accessible space only temporarily , thus making it possible to adapt to everyone’s needs. The ability of the specially designed sanitary hardware to transform a normal bathroom features to a disability bathroom can be an advantage to hospitality establishments by offering the ease of options to convert the same bathroom from standard and for the people of determination or those affected by limited movement. Accordingly , it is not necessary to dedicate a few numbers of rooms equipped with accessories for persons with special needs only.

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