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A wide range of forces surrounding security, sustainability, regulations and market pressures are driving architects and building management leaders to closely examine their building hardware choices. Factors to consider while selecting commercial hardware include fire and life safety, accessibility, aesthetics, security, convenience and sustainability. Concerns about greater security and resilience is spurring new requirements. In recognition of these developments, Haroon Company offers high performance door hardware combining functionality, safety, durability and aesthetic appeal as well as the related professional services for commercial and public buildings. Our fully trained team of professionals supports clients with product specification, selection, site visits, hardware scheduling, maintenance manuals and project aftercare. Hence, our customers are assured of top quality products and cutting-edge technology from world-class manufacturers in the industry.

Besides the considerations of safety and security , the use of strong and durable door hardware also offers opportunities of cost savings. For example , door closers are commonly used in commercial buildings to ensure that openings are shut and securely latched , which limits the air flow through the building. An effective door closer will combat the pressure to reduce air flow and energy loss . The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has reported that the annual heating and cooling energy costs could be reduced by 3 to 36 percent , depending on the climate zones , if the target air tightness levels were achieved. A door closer that securely shuts and latches an opening can help significantly.


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