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Haroon company features premium range of door controls including overhead closers, transom closers and floor springs which are available with high quality architectural designs and finishes. Our door controls range offer a choice of suited product ranges, from a size 2/3 selectable, to the 2-5 adjustable with backcheck and delayed action options and have successfully tested to the requirement of BS EN 1154 including for fire doors up to 240 minutes.

Hold open arms are an optional accessory, and a choice of high efficiency slide arm closers are also available. Our floor springs, constructed from cast iron with taper roller bearings, offer extra ordinary load-bearing capacity for very large and heavy doors.

We also offer comprehensive range of electromagnetic closers, designed to either hold the door open or, in swing free mode, allowing the door to be opened with no resistance from the closer both featuring cam action mechanisms and high level weight capacity, Exidor electromagnetic floor springs and transom closers fit discreetly in to the floor or frame offering high level aesthetics.

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