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School designers and administrators are increasingly realizing the need to make school environments safe and pleasant for learning. Also, security issues are on the rise in educational institutions. Therefore, in addition to meeting public demand, schools also have to meet safety codes. International organizations like Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL), Intertek, the International Code Council (ICC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regularly establish codes and standards relating to the installation of hardware in a range of industries, including education.

The need for entrance and egress security has not been more visible in recent years than in the world of educational Hardware. By combining mechanical and electronic hardware, Haroon Company offers solutions for educational Hardware that improve access control, intrusion detection, security monitoring and building networking etc. Most schools, especially larger facilities, have multiple doorways where visitors might be able to enter and exit. However, to maximize everyone’s safety and security, visitors access to all of the entrances needs to be controlled. Also, it is equally important to secure alternate exterior openings as well as secondary interior doors such as those to gyms, cafeterias and auditoriums where visitors often go in and out.

The benefits of an electronic access control

The benefits of an electronic access control (EAC) system are particularly applicable to the school environment for educational hardware, where control of all entry and exit points and visitor access is a necessity. Haroon Company specializes in offering door hardware solutions which are safe for active young people, built to withstand the vigor of youth, while also making the environment pleasant and interesting.

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