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Haroon company architectural division presents a total package solution for architectural ironmongery, automatic and manual door operating devices, access control security devices and signage solutions uniquely suited to heavy-use, high-abuse health care areas, with products that meet the stringent requirements for the health care sector.

The products and services offered under the Access to Health initiative offer a complete design specification for door sets and architectural hardware, assisting service providers to meet ADA or BS 8300 standards ensuring all operable parts such as handles, pulls, latches, locks, exit devices ensuring effortless and safe access to all.

The products within the Access to Health range have been carefully packaged considering the “whole life cycle costs” of ironmongery and as well as performance aspects together with practicality and security. Regardless of the type of healthcare facility — hospital, long-term care building, Day surgery centers or even a physician’s clinic —Our objective remain the same that is to create a safe and a secure environment in the facility.

Our technical consultants can prepare detailed ironmongery schedules for your specific requirements managing the hardware requirements for each individual project, ensuring a coherent package of products and by standardizing solutions that allows an efficient installations and maintenance activities, better management of key systems and smoother performance of electronic access control and electrified door hardware.


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