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Panic hardware is designed so that a person or group of people attempting to exit can easily unlatch the door by pushing on the hardware in the direction of egress. The principle of a modern exit device is to safely secure the opening while also allowing it to be operated for emergency egress without the use of a key, special knowledge, or effort.

Along with properly installed openings and clear signage, the single-motion egress device is critical in an emergency. In high-use buildings, access control must allow for a door opening to have free means of egress, during an emergency, along with fire protection and meeting accessibility requirements. The International Building Code (IBC) defines an accessible means of egress as a ‘continued and unobstructed way of egress travel from any point in a building or facility that provides an accessible route to an area of refuge, a horizontal exit or a public way “.

Haroon Company offers a range of exit devices, panic hardware, and fire, and smoke door seals to add to the life safety features of public buildings and high residential complexes. These products conform to relevant EN and ANSI norms, ensuring the specifier and user the peace of mind that the devices will perform to protect safety when required.

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Rim Panic Bar

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