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Haroon company offers elegant tubular style entrance sets lock is commonly found on all types of doors, most notably interior residential and office doors.

It boasts excellent security for most applications and with a choice of lever or knob for internal handle, the compliments a range of joinery styles.


Haroon company provides mortise style lock which is the most secure form of an entry set. With the choice of rustic and modern looks, the entrance door sets are great for any external door applications. The sets made of solid bronze with a rough, natural texture features a lever handle for the interior. A special cut in the door allows a longer and thicker mortise to slide into the pocket in the door itself, providing superior protection. The result is an entry product that not only adds to the décor of the space, but also provides the functional ease.

Digital Entrance Sets

A more modern option that’s growing in popularity is keyless entry. These include a secure lock, but instead of using a key to lock and unlock them, either a numerical code or an access card helps to control the access.

These modern and stylish solutions are ideal for the residential applications in new and retrofit applications. With electronic access, you are in full control of your door security. From allowing you to create one-time pin codes for visitors, valid time periods only, to multiple user pin codes you throw away the need for a Locksmith.


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