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When it comes to door openings, two of the most important features are security and safety. Door hardware is the first step in assuring that every door is safe and secure. Codes and regulations require each door to meet certain standards but making sure every door is safe and secure goes beyond codes and regulations. Doors have to be accessible for people to move in and out. At the same time, they have to be secured when it is not appropriate for people to enter. Also, no matter the time of the day, buildings have to allow egress in case of emergency such as fire. Architectural hardware has changed more in the past three decades than it has throughout the whole of human history. Electrified hardware and biometric access control systems are now as much a part of architectural hardware as mechanical hardware.

Haroon Company offers architects, owners and contractors a full range of door ironmongery / builders hardware. Whatever the requirement may be, from standard construction to high performance modern buildings, we supply door hardware as per the highest international standards. Since nearly four (4) decades ,Haroon Company represents leading international manufacturers from the door hardware industry. Our company also specializes in providing the most comprehensive specification services. We also assist in designing Master Key Systems for any project ensuring maximum safety with convenience of operation. From conception of a new project to the beginning of renovation projects, we can help in the evaluation of door hardware, access control, fire safety, egress, functions, keying and security needs. Our trained staff, state of art computer and communication equipment, access control experience and industry resources, assures the highest quality product for our valued customers

Sliding & Folding

The Architectural Hardware  is rethinking the concept of doors, and for good reason. The century-old / familiar hinged door which has been the default design for entry to a room or a building, has an inefficient footprint. A hinge door requires and wastes a lot of space in order to swing open and closed. For office buildings and mixed-use facilities, efficient use of space is the holy grail of design. Product innovations over the past years have allowed dramatic improvements in the use of space while opening new opportunities in aesthetics and performance. For entry doors as well as room-dividing possibilities, the best solution may be to slide or fold, rather than to swing. Interior manual and automated sliding doors are increasingly being specified and installed in applications that have traditionally called for swing doors. Advances in engineering, materials, manufacturing and design have led to space-saving systems that are visually appealing, smooth, silent and reliable. Sliding architectural hardware offers a clean and elegant way to divide rooms and close interior openings. Today, these systems slide with ease and precision. They also roll, fold and stack. The most common application is for sliding doors. However more unusual, non-sliding door applications include sliding machinery, sliding curtains, sliding scenery, sliding sports equipment, sliding hoardings etc.

Haroon company has the possibility to supply sliding / folding hardware suitable for glass, wood and metal doors which can accommodate a different range of applications such as residential, commercial or industrial use. The wide variety in materials, formats and technical details offers the design community many opportunities to enhance both the look and the space efficiency of its projects.

Haroon Company also supplies a Multidirectional Sliding Door Systems which offers a unique level of flexibility because it creates spaces that are easily reconfigured for different events and activities. With this multidirectional sliding system, you can easily move the partition panels and slide it all the way to a hidden parking spaces, allowing you to convert a big ballroom to smaller halls or vice versa.

Automatic Sliding Door Operators

Interior automated sliding doors have advanced dramatically in the last few years. All automated sliding doors work under the same principles: an actuator triggers the door panel to open or close. The door can be activated by means of a push button, motion sensor that automatically causes the door panel to open as soon as the movement is monitored in the sensor range or simply pushing the door handle on the same door leaf (push & go).

Haroon company offers specialized and very innovative automatic sliding door systems for residential and commercial use for ease of access, as well as custom made solutions for different applications.

The compact operator (60 x 65m) with magnetic Linear Motor Technology features a very innovative automatic sliding door solution / tracks that combines a smooth and silent performance with an elegant movement, being ideal solution for the automation of sliding and bi-parting applications for both wooden and glass doors, and also BLE technology to communicate avoiding the use of cables, wires. It is an ideal solution designed to use as a concealed pocket sliding doors.

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