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Electronic Hotel Locking Systems

Haroon Company offers state of art solutions for hotel properties as well as deluxe destination resorts with electronic hotel locking systems that are approved by most of the major hotel operators worldwide and are one of the most installed electronic locking system in the UAE. As the security requirements of the lodging industry evolve, the industry can rely on our lodging solutions to deliver innovative access control systems that provide security, reliability, efficiency and convenience to enhance the hotel’s lock system investment – and guest experience. We are a leading support provider in the region with over 14,000 guest room installation in the past and are still providing a total-enterprise security for guest doors and hospitality applications , public spaces, and physical access in BLE, RFID, wireless online systems, smart room and energy management interfaces as well as the latest in smart phone secure access technology. Our guest room locks also features a room level or a server level integration with most of the major GRMS brands where in the system manages different scenarios in each guest room, including welcome, living and sleeping settings

Guestroom Safes Hospitality Applications

Haroon Company also offers safes that guarantee the security of their guests property and belongings. Including a safe in the guestroom provides the hotel with extra security and gives confidence to the customers. Our Safes are easy to operate with large display and audit report facility to detect illegal use and also have an exceptional build quality and the highest security standards. Offering the widest selection of product, our electronic safes are designed with modular components including digital keypad, CPU and locking mechanism.

Minibars Hospitality Applications

Haroon Company offers a range of silent minibars backed up by leading companies suitable for the hospitality applications sector.

The range includes the following features;

  • Ecological
  • Silent
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Flexibility: The door is reversible thanks to its changeable hinges, in a quick and easy way.
  • Different sizes: Minibars are available in two sizes, 30 and 40L (52 and 60L also available in model).
  • Options: A range of optional features is available to personalize the product to meet customers’ needs.

Back of House Access Solutions for hospitality applications for an Enhanced Security

Apart from the front of house access solution Haroon company also offer a legacy based centrally managed access control systems designed to control and monitor entry points that include doors, elevator floors, parking gates etc. Our access control system puts you firmly in charge of regulating access at every system-controlled entry point with the right mix of security features which ensures that your access is always protected, while not impending day to day operations.


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