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When it comes to door openings, two of the most important features are security and safety. Door hardware is the first step in assuring that every door is safe and secure. Doors have to be accessible for people to move in and out. At the same time, they have to be secured when it is not appropriate for people to enter. Also, no matter the time of the day, buildings have to allow egress in case of emergency such as fire. Architectural hardware has changed more in the past three decades than it has throughout the whole of human history. Electrified hardware and biometric access control systems are now as much a part of architectural hardware as mechanical hardware.

Haroon Company offers architects, owners and contractors a full range of door ironmongery / builders hardware. Whatever the requirement may be, from standard construction to high performance modern buildings, we supply door hardware as per the highest international standards. Since nearly four (4) decades ,Haroon Company represents leading international manufacturers from the door hardware industry. Our company also specializes in providing the most comprehensive specification services. We also assist in designing Master Key Systems for any project ensuring maximum safety with convenience of operation.

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