Guest Room Safes

Haroon Company also offers safes that will take the hotel to a higher level of guest comfort, convenience and in-room security. Our Safes are easy to operate with large display and audit report facility to detect illegal use and also have an exceptional build quality and the highest security standards. Offering the widest selection of product, our electronic safes are designed with modular components including digital keypad, CPU and locking mechanism.


Haroon Company offers a range of silent minibars backed up by leading companies suitable for the hospitality sector.The range of hotel and hospitality minibars offered by Haroon company is differentiated mainly by the cooling technology used: absorption minibar, minibar with silent compressor and a thermoelectric minibar Each minibar type has different models with different technological features and sizes, so that our range of Minibars can cover all the current needs of hotels and the hospitality sector.

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