Disabled support fittings

Haroon Company offers a comprehensive range of disable fittings, allowing it to cater to all needs: people with reduced mobility, the elderly or those who just want greater comfort. The product portfolio is inclusive of the comfort solutions which are ideal for the personal uses or hospitality projects that requires more functional fitting options addressing the needs of important sectors such as institutions, healthcare, private or public buildings.

One of the latest design when it comes to disabled fittings is an accessible bathroom which offers a removable and interchangeable accessory intended to comfort, safety and a few interior design options. It allows the transformation of bathroom or toilets easily without additional work to adapt to everybodyís needs with clever planning of fixtures and fittings, creating an accessible space. The ability of these hardware to transform a normal bathroom features to a disability bathroom can be an advantage to hospitality establishments that offers ease to use to both the disabled and those affected by limited movement, as they are not required to dedicate a few numbers of rooms equipped with accessories for persons with special needs.

Haroon Company is able to supply a new range of disabled fittings from from the french manaufacturere Pelle-ASC that are removable with ease and can be fitted with other accessories found in a normal bathroom.

In this way, we have the flexibility of converting a single bathroom depending on the userís needs.

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